A morpheme or a whole syntactic construction

Cashback or money back? Heat debates around borrowings in the Russian language have not subsid since the time of Pushkin. RBC Trends figur out what is more from foreign words – good or bad What is language borrowing Borrowing is an element of a foreign language or the process of entering this element into the receiving language. Alien can be a word. Usually, borrowing occurs at the lexical level and is associat with the display in the language of a certain entity relating to the external or internal world of a person. Of new words from other cultures into it is a natural process.

The transformation of a language and incorporation

In general it has always been like this and there are no France Mobile Number List absolutely authentic languages ??(at least, popular and complex ones). Nevertheless, disputes about the “purity of speech” were going on centuries ago and, probably, they will stop only with the disappearance of mankind as a civilization. Some scientists believe that a high frequency of use of a lexical unit is a prerequisite for borrowing . That is, if you use some foreign word in a narrow circle of bilinguals, then officially it has not yet enter the Russian language. How long is a word consider new? Novelty is a rather subjective quality for vocabulary.

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The score usually depends on the social

Some words enter the language very quickly, like “telephone” or “internet”. Some may feel unusual for decades. Attitudes towards such lexical “white crows BT Lists range from admiration to irony or harsh rejection. Or age group of native speakers. The text of this article for the most part consists of words borrow in a particular era, but it is unlikely that anyone will be confus by “vocabulary” or “profession”. But the feminitive “author”, form according to all the rules of the Russian language, or “deadline” is quite likely. The thing is that these words sound unusual and are associat with certain social groups, which causes rejection.

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