We have been living in a globalization

We are not talking about the crisis of one institution, but about the fundamental problem of the entire system of institutions, as a result of which the efficiency of maintaining the world order” has qualitatively decreas. As the political scientist notes, in the s International institutions function normally in a situation of bloc confrontation and a balance of power. When there was a ne for the Soviet Union to look to the Unit States, and for the Unit States to look at the Soviet Union, the rules of the game were respect.

This problem began to arise back

With the collapse of the USSR, these rules of the Dubai Phone Number List country began to be ignor, ”says the political scientist. In , the crisis began to grow, he adds. The structure was shaky, but it was more or less stable, and now no one knows how it will all end.  regime for several decades – the larger the market, the more profitable. And now we have switch to the regionalization regime,” Mezhevich believes. The fact that the problems in multilateral diplomacy have worsen since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine is stat in the September report of the International Crisis Group (a non-profit international organization.

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How many international organizations

However the UN annual report itself does not mention BT Lists the crisis. The organization, reporting on the work done in the field of security and peacekeeping, mention the conduct of twelve peacekeeping operations with the participation of thousand peacekeepers. Professor of the University of Helsinki, political scientist Vladimir Gelman believes that international institutions are in a normal state and there is no reason to talk about their crisis. No matter exist, they always say that they are in crisis. International organizations are design in such a way that they often take a long time to make decisions.

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