21 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Overwhelmed by the infinite options for driving traffic to your website? This article doesn’t list every traffic strategy; it only lists the ones that are proven to work. Let’s get to it. 1. Get search traffic by targeting easy-to-rank topics My post on SEO statistics has generated consistent search traffic since it was published: Search traffic going to my SEO statistics post If you can rank high on Google, you can see the same results too. However, you can’t just target any random topic—you need to write about topics people are searching for. Here’s how to find them:

Get brand exposure by appearing on podcasts

From new ones to a top 100 business podcast, our chief marketing category email list officer, Tim Soulo, has appeared on them all. The easiest way to find podcasts to appear on is to Google them. Google search for “best SEO podcasts” Look through the results and pick out those that are relevant. Then find the host’s email and pitch yourself as a guest. If you find a prolific podcast guest along the way, you can enter their site into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and find all the podcasts they’ve been on by going to the Backlinks report and filtering for results with “episode” in the referring page title.

Rank higher by filling content gaps in existing content

If the top-ranking pages cover similar subtopics, they’re likely BT Lists important and what searchers expect to see. So if your content is “missing” them, that can be a reason why you’re not ranking as high. To find these subtopics, we can look at the common keywords the top-ranking pages rank for that we don’t. Here’s how to find these “content gaps”: Enter your target keyword into Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer Scroll to the SERP overview Check up to three relevant competing pages

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