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It is contain in a giant bag, flexible and light. It can be creat from carbon nanofibers – tubes a few atoms in diameter, each of which has extreme strength. One of the authors of the study, Peter Miklavcic, shares the details: “A cylindrical protective bag made of carbon nanotubes will be very light compar to the mass of the asteroid debris, but still strong enough to hold everything together. The idea might go something like this: an asteroid spins to create gravity in the process. And creates a layer of rock that is thick enough to protect against cosmic radiation.

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According to our calculations, an asteroid with a diameter Armenia Mobile Number List of 300 meters can be turn into a cylindrical space habitat with a habitable area of ??about 60 km 2 . It’s the size of Manhattan.” Of course, for now, these plans are the fantasies of physicists, Miklavcic says. However, the study shows that the construction of such a city “on paper” is possible. Adam Frank looks to the future with optimism: “The idea of ??asteroid cities may seem too far away. The site for the city on the asteroid is ready. Idea for the future technological age Frank emphasizes.

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Ntil you realize that in 1900 no one else flew in an airplane, and right now thousands of people are sitting comfortably in chairs, rushing at spes of hundrs of kilometers in an hour several thousand meters above the ground. History shows that a century of technological advancement can make the impossible a reality. to a BT Lists single mutation in DNA, and immunotherapy is the future of oncology. Understanding how cancer is now being treat and where immunity and vaccines have to do with it Why Cancer Occurs To understand how anticancer therapy works, you ne to understand which cells.

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