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We assemble a full-flg OL together with a partner from. The European Union, since such devices are not simple, similar to a sandwich. Where each layer is responsible for a specific function. We develop those materials that work in a layer that emits light. In the future, we hope to produce full-flg organic semiconductors. And sell emitters with a luminescence spectrum close to all the main true colors: blue, green and r. In addition, of materials for thin solar panels, which can, for example. Be glu to the wall with double-sid tape and generate energy. Non-invasive micine Organic luminescent compounds are important for micine. For example, bioimaging – visualization of tumor cells and observation of them in dynamics.

The development plans include the creation

Evgeny Mostovich Imagine a sensor implant in a blood Albania Phone Numbers List vessel that automatically measures the level of. For example, glucose and transmits the data to a smartphone. Or imagine implants bas on organic semiconductors that help people. Such developments are quite real, and there are already companies that are entering the market with similar proposals.” Bioelectronics and ideal prostheses Novosibirsk researchers strive to solve the problems of bioelectronics in the development of implants bas on organic semiconductors that are closest to biological tissues. This means that it is necessary to develop a device.

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Which is characteristic of our body

That can translate the information transmitt by the BT Lists machine in the language of electrons into the language of ions and molecules. The clearer the translation of signals is, the better the connection between the digital neural network and the person will be. And this, in the long term, can open the door to transhumanism – a situation where we learn how to improve the human body with the help of devices. February 8 is the Day of Russian Science. How is it changing, can AI replace a scientist and how can young scientists find support for their ideas About the expert.

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