Where a song or album belongs

The fact that music then had a physical form was unusual in all of human history. And now [because of streaming] it’s getting unusual again. It cannot be acquir [made private]. By its nature, it is a slippery phenomenon, almost ghostly. So the streaming channels themselves, originally intend to legalize music streams, as if inadvertently destroy the old industrial model of the music world, to someone else and therefore must be distribut within the framework of strict principles outlin in standard contracts. But now, when music is increasingly turning into the background, dematerializ, distribut, it has become the embodiment of the sharing economy.

Music always has this inner urge to dematerialize

Here for the author as well as for copyright, strictly speaking Italy Phone Numbers List there is no place anymore. It is not for nothing that the very idea of ??copyright has been criticiz so much in recent years, while the movement of musical flows is becoming more and more unprictable and free, as in those “houses of music” that Francis Bacon dream about centuries ago. Over the past year, Russians have made 1 billion orders for services via the Internet, a study by Data Insight and Avito has shown. In the first place – IT and telecom industry (repair and installation of computer equipment) About the expert: Georgy Hakobyan, director of Avito Services.

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The top popular services are quite diverse

Previously he oversaw the development of taxi BT Lists aggregators. Why orders go online — For services order via the Internet, the Russians spent ?2.5 trillion in a year. What exactly are they ordering? — An important option that online platforms can provide is a huge selection of specialists in various fields, so In the first place is the IT and telecom industry (computer repair, equipment installation, Internet and cellular communications), these services have become especially in demand with the transition to remote work. In second place are services for organizing various events.

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