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rn these applications into any kind of backend, such as a classical computer simulator or a quantum processor, such as the IBM Quantum Experience platform.

  • IT is a high level  programming.
  • It has a modular and flexible compiler.
  •  hardware and software backends.
  • A quantum computer library (FermiLib) for solving fermionic problems
  • The IBM Quantum Experience chip, AQT tools, AWS Braket, and IonQ service tools can all be usto run quantum algorithms.
  • At a higher level of abstraction, quantum programming can be simulateeg, simulating the function of large oracles instead of compiling them into low-level gates)
  • On classical computers, quantum programs can be simula

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TensorFlow Quantum (TFQ) is a Python framework for quantumTFQ is a TensorFlow application framework business phone list that allows quantum algorithm and machine learning researchers to use Google’s quantum computing frameworks directly from TensorFlow.

TensorFlow Quantum is a program that focuses on quantum data and creating hybrid quantum-classical models. It combines quantum computing and logic techniques design by Cirq with TensorFlow APIs, as well as high-performance quantum circuit simulators.

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The TFQ framework can be used to run traditional and hybrid models, such as Quantum CNN (QCNN). As a result, TFQ can be used for any problem that was previously impossible to answer using traditional methods. To answer real-world problems, start with TFQ to create hybrid quantum or quantum-classical models.


  • Researchers can use TFQ to create tensors using quantum databases, quantum models, and current control parameters in a single computing network.
  • Tensors are uo store quantum. Data (a multidimensional array. Of numbers). Each tensor of quantum dat. A is defined as a cirq quantum circuit that creates quantum data on the fly.
    The researcher can use. Cirq to prototype a quan umat will later be. Includ in the tensorflow computing graph.
  • The ability to train and execute multiple quantum circuits simult
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  • neously is a key feature of TensorFlow Quantum.

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