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This is one of the foundations on which the EVR concept is built. Technology of sex ucation Together with the sex of the future, the sex ucation of the future must also appear. Why can’t technology help us get to know ourselves and our bodies better? For starters, you can use the same virtual reality, and there has already been such a project in the world. in the Lube River VR world tri to talk about se toys and masturbation. Plunging into VR, a person becomes not an outside viewer and listener, but a full participant in the process.

Enthusiasts from the Motherlode studio

An with a VR headset on their heads, it will probably be Belarus Phone Number List much easier for schoolchildren to take seriously topics that everyone usually giggles about during breaks. Moreover, in VR scenes, you can practice the essential principle of active consent in practice and in complete safety. The experience of Vitrual Bodyworks suggests that  “no” to a virtual person will then find it easier to do it in real life. And this theory is reinforc in practice in the Vantage Point project , which was creat by a girl who surviv sexual violence. It was with this scenario that he began, but now there are many more of them.

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At the same time very good applications

In the field of sex ucation, a rather large porn studio BT Lists once even tri to light up. BaDoinkVR releas a series of videos that allegly “teach” men how to be good lovers. The idea is good, but in reality it still looks like regular VR porn. are appearing that bring previously “shameful” topics to a new level of understanding, making them more open. For example, the mobile menstruation and ovulation calendar Flo topp the AppStore top in the Health and Fitness category at the beginning of , leaving behind all home workout software and other activity trackers.

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