This climate has been unusually stable

This was most clearly manifest in the division of labor time and leisure time. “The advent of the mobile phone has made it more difficult to distinguish between working and non-working hours. One just mix with the other due to the fact that access to any employee is practically unlimit, ”concludes Stepantsov. In the future, such deanonymization of relationships in communication and increase the importance of emotions, as well as the ability to pronounce experiences. “This can already be seen, for example, in the interaction of large brands with customers, about whom they collect data and compile a relatively holistic personal portrait.

Will ruce the role of rationality

The sociologist believes The beginning of the great Philippines Phone Number List climate ristribution The accumulation of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere is the most important and alarming trend that affects political discussions and social processes throughout the 21st century, says historian John Robert McNeil. John Robert McNeil , professor at Georgetown University (USA), one of the founders of environmental history as a separate area of ??modern historical science. According to the professor, this trend is much more important than the rate of economic growth, the ristribution of geopolitical power, the revival of authoritarian regimes, the creation of artificial intelligence.

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Over the past 10 thousand years

Or a slowdown in population growth. After all, the climate BT Lists agenda, driven mainly by CO 2 emissions , affects everyone. “Greenhouse gases regulate the Earth’s climate, including average temperatures., but 40 years ago this stability came to an end: in the air we breathe, the level of carbon dioxide began to rise, ”says the historian. Over the past 800 thousand years, the concentration of CO 2 in the atmosphere has remain between 180 and 280 parts per million (ppm). Already after 1900, this figure began to rise sharply, reaching 315 ppm by 1960, and by 2006 it exce 375 parts per million.

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