This book makes you want to sort

The author recommends opening a separate account and transferring 10–20% of your monthly income to it, as well as the savings. Resist the temptation to buy something you don’t ne? You can transfer its value to this account, and at the end of the month enjoy the accumulat amount. choose the best If you can buy only one thing to replace the one that has fallen into disrepair, you will choose it especially carefully.  a sweatshirt. Previously, she would simply buy the first one she lik, and then another one, because the spontaneous purchase turn out to be uncomfortable. And another one, because the second one had a bad color.

Kate shares her story about buying

An so on ad infinitum During the experiment Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List everything chang. The search for the perfect piece took nine months, but every time Kate wears this sweatshirt, she feels deep satisfaction, not disappointment from wast money. Quotes “I had everything I ne. I myself was everything I ne.” “There is something in common between debt and rubbish. If you let them build up, it becomes harder and harder to do something about them.” Why read a book? through the rubble of things and certainly not buy the fifth eyebrow cream and a pair of shoes at once.

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Along with the ideology of minimalism

The personal story of the author makes the whole BT Lists process very accessible and not intimidating, but rather inspiring to experiment – how much money can you save if you refuse unnecessary expenses? Over the past decade, residents of the Unit States, Europe and Russia have refus unnecessary household items. excessive craving for things was criticiz, but the pandemic and crisis have chang these rules of the game. Effective minimalism Minimalism as a way of life began to come into fashion at the end of the 20th century, although its premises can be found in Japanese philosophy.

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