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Scientists consider asteroids as a platform for building space cities. What does it mean With the development of this and similar technologies, the video industry can undergo dramatic changes. Costs will decrease. AI-generat video can be produc at a much lower cost than traditional video production, which requires large teams of people, equipment rentals, and area reconnaissance. This can make it easier for small companies or individuals to create high-quality content at no extra cost. Efficiency will increase. Creating video on demand can greatly ruce the time and effort requir to create video content. With traditional methods.

AI will allow filmmakers and content creators

Creating a video from scratch can take weeks or even Costa Rica Phone Number List months. Theoretically, a sufficiently advanc neural network will be able to ruce the process to several days or even hours. Personalization will become possible. AI-generat videos can be adapt to different audiences. For example, cartoon characters may look different in different countries, and in feature films, there may be a choice of an actor who plays the main role.  to focus on the more artistic aspects of video production and test hypotheses more easily without wasting time filming. The diffusion model also works with the Midjourney neural network.

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The neural network start working

Which generates images bas on text queries and other BT Lists images. It was launch in July 2022, and according to the developer of the neural network David Holtz, in September 2022 the number of its users exce 2 million. ChatGPT has become another popular neural network . This is a chatbot that generates various texts, computer codes and even music. on November 30, 2022, and already in January 2023, the number of users of this neural network reach 100 million. Anthropogenesis end millions of years ago, but the biological evolution of man is still ongoing. Transhumanists believe that it can be accelerat with the help of science.

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