The water circulating in the heating

With a low temperature of ~5–8 ºC) and concentrates it, and then transfers it to heat buildings. Gasification of settlements in Russia is approximately 70%, and in the remaining 30% of the territory, the use of heating systems bas on geothermal pumps may be almost the only alternative to firewood, since neither solar nor wind energy is able to fully heat buildings. For heating, soil-water pumps are more efficient: they take the heat from the soil and transfer it to system of buildings. To take heat from the soil or groundwater, the so-call primary heat exchange circuit is us: it is a loop pipe laid in the soil with a refrigerant circulating through it (most often a solution of alcohol in water.

The water circulating in the pipes

Passing through a layer of earth (or groundwater), the Sweden Phone Numbers List refrigerant heats up to 4–8 ºC, and actually “brings” heat to the heat pump. The heat pump converts 4–8 ºC into 45–70 ºC (that is, it concentrates) using freon and a compressor and transfers this heat to of the building’s heating system. Such installations can be both small (design for low-rise and cottage construction – and they are now the majority), and design for heating multi-storey buildings. The latter is still a rarity – there are several pilot projects on the territory of the Russian Feration.

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To heat ponds aquaculture and pools

Geothermal installations were us in the USSR in the BT Lists southern regions to supply heat to greenhouses and. Since 1966, heat supply systems bas on geothermal installations have been successfully Dagestan. In 1969, with the help of geothermal installations, 15 hectares of greenhouses in Makhachkala were provid with heat. In 1985, the annual production of geothermal water in the Krasnodar Territory reach 8.5 million m³, residential buildings in seven settlements and 30 hectares of greenhouses were heat. For example, ceteris paribus, let’s compare winter in Paris and in the Moscow region.

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