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The developers claim that Woebot is train to understand. The natural language of a person, but working with it is like following a given scenario. Most of the chatbot responses suggest choosing from the options offer, and not writing it yourself. Woebot’s conversational model is bas on a cognitive-behavioral approach to mental health. Studies on the effectiveness of a chatbot have shown. That working with it helps young people ruce their symptoms of depression. Woebot is currently being studi as a treatment for postpartum depression. Creat in India in 2015 and present as an artificial intelligence-bas mental health platform.

Wysa English-language chatbot

Wysa offers over 30 communication topics and over 100 exercises to improve your mental well-being. Each exercise takes an average of 2 to 10 minutes. have New Zealand Phone Numbers List a scientific basis – Wysa shows links to scientific articles and explains their meaning in simple language. If necessary, within the application, you can contact a specialist and get psychotherapeutic help. However, Choosing Therapy, an independent expert resource , concludes that working in the application is not like psychotherapy, but rather like mental health coaching. In 2020, the Singapore government gave citizens free access to all chatbot tools to help society cope with the psychological impact of the pandemic.

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The conversational model of the emotional

Chatbots from the Russian company Smart Reading for teenagers and young adults help develop emotional intelligence and goal-setting skills. Psychologists, authors of teenage literature and potential users took part in the creation and testing of chatbots. “Phil” and “Abi” work according to scenarios develop by experts and do not use self-learning artificial intelligence. But they have thoughtful characters, individual communication BT Lists styles, rely on the method of interactive learning and the principles of mobile microlearning. intelligence chatbot “Phil” is also bas on the principles of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and can provide a certain therapeutic effect in terms of better understanding and regulation of one’s emotional state.

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