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Become a promising area in oncology. One such substance, sotorasib, has already been register with the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Sotorasib becamethe first approv drug that directly targets the damag KRAS gene. Clinical studies have  short-term results. One of the promising drugs, according to a publication in the journal Nature, is LY3537982 – while it is at the research stage , but has already shown 10 times higher efficacy than sotorasib. However, target KRAS therapy has disadvantages, primarily the development of drug resistance in malignant cells. How the KRAS Inhibitor Vaccine Works to Treat and Prevent Cancer Dr. Rachel Ambler from the British Francis.

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Crick Institute also decid to apply modern ideas about the KRAS gene in the treatment of cancer. Her project is about targeting the most common gene Azerbaijan Mobile Number List mutations – G12V, G12D and G12C. Ambler is developing a vaccine that should stimulate an adaptive – highly specific – immune response and activate CD8 T-lymphocytes. If the drug is effective, immune cells will detect the tumor by mutations in the KRAS gene and destroy it with a flu shot, which also enhances adaptive immunity. The vaccine consists of two elements – fragments of the KRAS protein and antibodies specific to the DNGR-1 protein.

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Which is part of the dendritic cells that present the BT Lists antigen to T-lymphocytes. Without antigen presentation, T-lymphocytes cannot recognize it and destroy the foreign structure, so dendritic cells are the most important part of activating the immune response. Antibodies perform the function of delivering the protein-antigen of a malignant neoplasm directly to dendritic cells so that T-lymphocytes “learn” the antigenic structure of. Rachel Ambler believes the vaccine could be us to both treat and prevent cancer. esults of the first vaccine trials The first results of tests in mice look quite encouraging: the vaccine increas the survival rate of animals.

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