The Russian market stands out quite strongly

RBC Trends three kopecks. The value of such a service lies in the possibility of profitable currency exchange without opening a brokerage account. Everything is done in a mobile application, there are no commissions. Some clients of Dom.RF Bank use this service as an analogue of brokerage trading on the currency section of the Moscow Exchange. – Previously, the private banking segment was exclusively offline? Inde,  Now there is a tendency for the transition of large capitals to the younger generation. This fact determines the high demand and popularity of digitalization processes.

He remain conservative for a long time

Historically it was important for private banking clients Benin Phone Number List to discuss their issues with their banker face-to-face, but today such tasks are increasingly being solv online. — Maybe we are spoil by digital services in Russia, but is there still room for growth in this area? It seems that everything has already been digitiz. – I can not disagree with your thesis. In this regard, leading world players are already guid by our standards. In many ways, we have become a benchmark for digitalization and the provision of online services, both banking and brokerage. Even the largest world leaders among those who have been serving VIP clients for a long time are still far from the current Russian level.

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What services stand out especially in terms

It is easy to draw parallels also because private banking BT Lists clients are also serv in foreign banks. We see that the quality of the offer online services and services is limit there. Everything does not work as smoothly as in Russia. Our market has forc foreign players to act more actively, because abroad the level of service of remote channels is often low even for VIP clients of level? — I would note the advanc brokerage platforms that we have in the country. They allow carrying out exchange and over-the-counter transactions with such convenience for the client that there are only.

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