The question of resistance remains open

Primarily the development of drug resistance in malignant cells. Results of the first vaccine trials The first results of tests in mice look quite encouraging: the vaccine increas the survival rate of animals with tumors and effectively slow down the growth of cancer. Two groups of mice participat in the vaccine study: the former already had tumors in the lungs, to grow tumors. The scientists test both the treatment strategy and the ability of the vaccine to prevent tumor development in at-risk subjects. In the second group, 40% of mice did not develop cancer at all, and 60% develop cancer later than expect.

While the latter were artificially induc

Among already sick mice, 65% of vaccinat mice were Norway Phone Number List alive after 75 days, among unvaccinat mice this figure was only 15%. In addition, tumors appear in vaccinat mice, if at all, but 40 days later than in those who did not receive the drug. Ambler herself suggests that the drug will be effective in combination with other anticancer treatments. However, this does not mean that a panacea for cancer has been found – while the project is at a very early stage, it is impossible to prict anything without the results of official clinical trials. Jay Berzowski, head of the National Cancer Institute’s Vaccine Division, told.

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This is the technology of the future

The Washington Post that there is only one register BT Lists cancer treatment vaccine on the market right now, and it only increases life expectancy for patients by 4 months. In any case, there are no vaccines in the world that can treat cancer, although, most likely, not far away. Jeffrey Schlom, co-director of the US Center for Immuno-Oncology, highlights: “It’s just a matter of time.” What does it mean The James Webb telescope is the most powerful telescope in the world today. It was launch into space on December 25, 2021. The telescope’s equipment is capable of working with.

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