The platforms also work in the b2b segment

Thus Chulok from the Higher School of Economics anticipates the further development of hybrid forms of doing business – for example, (now Meta), Amazon, Uber, Yandex, VK, and so on. The work of information platforms is bas on a huge array of information that allows you to connect supply and demand. The platforms know who can teach you English or singing, fix a faucet or assemble furniture, take pictures or take you to the train station. one-time periodic services to the consumer. and allow you to find contractors for non-core projects for the company, or, for the applicant, to find a project in another city or country. The advantages of platform employment come down to one aspect – temporary.

The gig economy is not limit to providing

The consumer receives a product or service when it is Belgium Phone Number List and not when it is possible, and the employee has full control over his schule. From this, the (not always correct) conclusion is drawn that he can earn as much as he wants. “The initiative often comes from employers, but many applicants also want to work on projects when there is a specific task, there are deadlines for its completion, an understanding of earnings and a clear expect result of the work,” says Elena Londar, HR expert, consultant for the rating of Russian employersand the HR Brand Award.

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This approach gives a feeling of freom

After completing the work, they can take a second BT Lists project from the same employer, a third, a fifth, or they can refuse and satisfaction from work, helps to expand the scope of their professional and creative skills, and avoid burnout.” but on the other hand But when talking about the benefits of platform employment for job seekers, this nuance is often overlook: most gig workers – those whose services do not necessarily require high qualifications – cannot work on the beach, and their one-time earnings are very modest.

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