The pandemic has become an accelerator

Visual-Immersive Simulator an online space that. Works on the principles of a visual-immersive simulator.0% since the start of the pandemic. With the help of technology, you can have VR and AR : the toy will repeat the movements of an avatar or a person on the screen. Anton Neyaskin, co-founder of the online toy boutique Tizzi. To integrate with 90% of content: with the help of telildonics. You can synchronize with video, this technology works stably. But, what is very important, telildonics, like VR sets (sets of virtual reality equipment. VR glasses, controllers, headphones, and so on. – RBC Trends ), is not yet widely us.

Has proven that it is now possible

Perhaps the metaverses will just make the technology Uruguay Phone Number List more integrable. This gives opportunities and openness to remote . I am sure that for the emergence of the metaverses. Distance is not yet commonplace for most people, and the emergence of metaverses may push for its popularization. In Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta universe (since March 21, 2022, the organization has been recogniz as extremist in Russia and bann by a court decision), there is no virtual yet: the internal policy of Instagram and Facebook (which also belong to Meta Platforms Inc. and are bann in Russia by court decision from March 21, 2022) year), prohibits the publication of photos and videos of a ual nature or depicting a nudity.

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All equipment that interacts with the human

In November 2021 Metaverse’s new CTO, Andrew BT Lists Bosworth , stat that he plans to establish “nearly Disney-level security” in the metaverse. “It can be assum that in the metaverse the partner will be model in all possible parameters, from the size of the limbs to smells. As technology advances, deeper interaction scenarios will become available. Abody can be us. For example, visual-auditory impact, suits and vests for touch transmission, exposure to light current pulses, gloves with volume and elasticity transfer.

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