The latter was dominat by the fear of scarcity

Our closets were cramm with clothes that could eventually come in handy if someone lost weight or pass an interview, ”the journalist shares. Psychologists believe that in many cases, people who have difficulty parting with things, thus respond to anxiety – from financial instability, to loss and dissatisfaction with the body. At the same time, disorder often acts as an independent source of stress. Storage for many middle-class Americans is an attempt to hge against financial instability. Along with this, a clutter house is consider something indecent, Mull notes: “You should not admit that everything can go wrong.” Forc minimalism The accumulation of things depending on a particular historical era is characteristic not only of Americans, but also of Russians.

The fear of loss of stability and the pursuit

On the example of different periods of the 20th UK Mobile Number List century, one can see the dynamics of attitudes towards household items and home space – from the minimalism of the 1917 revolution to the hoarding of Brezhnev’s stagnation. For example, of petty-bourgeois luxury from friendly republics – Yugoslav floor lamps, Romanian walls and Czechoslovak crockery. With the advent of zero in Russia, they start talking about demonstrative luxury among the wealthy segments of the population. But ordinary residents also sought to buy new things, keeping old phones, boots and dresses that had serv their time.

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Which now sings of rubber boots wrote

The same Komsomolskaya Pravda, in Soviet times that BT Lists wanting jeans is immorality, materialism, mining and so on. Therefore, the well-being that descend on us in the 2000s, it seems to me, was of a therapeutic nature. This part of us got out of the ghetto and at least a little bit, damn it, “walk on Louboutins,” psychologist Lyudmila Petranovskaya said in an interview. At the same time, the “myth of a new cultural everyday life” has taken root in modern Russia. Culturologist and curator of ucational projects Olga Rubtsova explains that he has become a mark.

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