The International Ecotourism Society

Existence and sent 39 tons for recycling. Every month, thousands of volunteers clean up the coastal areas of Lake Baikal, but the flow of garbage does not stop. By 2023, the Ministry of Natural Resources wants to increase the number of visitors to protect areas (specially protect natural areas) from 10.6 to 13.2 million people. Officials plan to attract ?1 billion for the development of ecotourism in natural places. This money is ne for the arrangement of eco-paths, car parks, sanitary places and recreation areas. A well-establish infrastructure, taking into account the characteristics of each national park and reserve, can really ruce the harmful impact of tourism on the ecosystem.

The definition of the International Union

The biggest responsibility still rests with the individual Cameroon Phone Number List traveler who makes the choice to make their holiday green or not. The idea of ??the Mexican was support by both environmental and tourism organizations, and in 1990 (TIES – The International Ecotourism Society) was creat. t and most preferr. According to for Conservation of Nature, ecotourism is distinguish by the following features: travel through relatively undisturb natural areas; environmental responsibility; the study of nature and the enjoyment of it; “soft” impact on the environment; active social and economic participation of local residents.

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We have compil several recommendations

A true eco-volunteer spends a minimum of fuel to move BT Lists cleans up after himself, separates the garbage accumulat during the trip, chooses walking or cycling instead of ATV tours. In addition, he supports local businesses that are just as responsible for nature – they do not exploit animals, do not throw waste into water bodies, and keep the place clean. ogether with Elizaveta Yusupovskaya, the author of the Ecologin telegram channel,  and rules that will help make outdoor recreation (and any other trip) more environmentally friendly. The first rule of a tourist is to take everything you own. Your toothbrush, shampoo, toothpaste.

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