The initial currency shock was quickly

Currency really fell against the dollar and the euro, by the end of spring the ruble had strengthen so much that it became more expensive than before the imposition of sanctions. Until the end of 2022, the ruble avoid sharp movements and remain stronger than in 2021. Stopp by currency restrictions, which, having complet their task, were also promptly remov,” Sergey Khestanov, Associate Professor of the Department of Stock Markets and Financial Engineering of the Faculty of Finance and Banking of the RANEPA, assess the actions to combat the crisis in a conversation with RBC Trends.

Make it possible to replace the dollar

The exchange rates quickly return to their usual values, and for Chile Phone Number List some time the ruble even became, according to many experts, overvalu.” “Domestic economic entities are quickly mastering instruments in the currencies of friendly countries – first of all, this is the yuan,” Khestanov add.  placements of bonds in yuan. It is likely that the yuan and the instruments denominat in it will and the euro and ruce currency risks. And the Russian financial messaging system (SPFS) for internal settlements has quite successfully replac SWIFT.” Another factor was the lack of historical data on the impact on the economy of the existing volume of sanctions, Murashov drew attention.

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There are even examples of successful

Having only a database of actual macroeconomic indicators BT Lists of the “stable period” in the arsenal, it is difficult to accurately assess the reaction of macroeconomic parameters to such shocks,” said Daniil Nametkin, head of the Center for Investment Analysis and Macroeconomic Research of the Center for Strategic Research, in a conversation with RBC Trends. “However, as operational statistics are releas, the models are refin and, accordingly, the forecasts begin to be adjust; improves their accuracy. Russia has set a world record for sanctions – and many experts have attribut this to a faster fall in GDP.

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