Why the composition of the Earth

Perhaps this is one of the oldest scientific theories of the formation of the earth’s satellite: in 1785 it was put forward by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. They can be “alien” asteroids, just like the Moon [ 18 ]. However, this theory also has weaknesses: celestial bodies-“aliens” often have a bizarre shape, and not spherical, like the Moon. And their trajectories are far from the circular orbit in which the Moon is currently moving. The hypothesis known in English as the “Many-moons Theory” was describ by the American geophysicist Gordon JF MacDonald in 1966.

The emergence of the moon from small satellites

It is similar to the capture theory – with the only difference that it was easier for the Earth to “capture” several smaller celestial bodies than one Peru Phone Number List large one. According to Macdonald, several celestial bodies attract to the Earth could eventually form one large Moon [ 20 ]. This theory does not explain and the Moon is so similar. In addition, it is not clear why several moons could form one large one exactly near the Earth, but nothing like this happen with Mars and its two small satellites. 6. Evaporation hypothesis Estonian astronomer Ernst Julius Öpik put forward another curious theory of the origin of the moon. In 1995, he suggest that the early Earth at that time was surround by rings of trapp rock fragments.

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When the iron core of the Earth had already

Due to the constant impacts of these fragments, it BT Lists was very hot – up to about 2000 ° C, and the process of evaporation of matter from the Earth’s surface took place. The light elements of the evaporat matter were carri away by the solar wind, while the heavier ones eventually combin with stone fragments in near-Earth space and form a proto-moon. This happen at a late stage of the formation of the Earth, been form, and evaporation occurr from the mantle layer, in which there was much less iron.

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