The direction of the development vector

In the online ucation industry, the niche of full-flg business ucation for small businesses has a very high potential. This means a large number of potential customers, in our case, entrepreneurs, of whom there are about 4-5 million people in the country. And at least the same number of those who want to do business. Therefore, neither fluctuations in their solvency of 5-10% or even 25%, nor a three-fold ruction in the audience in sales channels can influence. According to the expert, a positive factor is that in Russia, most likely, the growth of the information business segment will slow down or even stop altogether.

Who have experienc a drop in sales

Live on your own In general, a survey of companies shows Malaysia Phone Number List that the tech market intends to further invest in development. Even those continue to launch new destinations and formats. For companies, the introduction of new technologies, such as personaliz learning associat with artificial intelligence, also remains relevant. Kristina Gral, Business Development Director, IThub group: “Regarding the situation on the Tech market, in Russia we are at the very beginning of our journey. Now the Tech market is actively developing technologies that allow you to train large flows of people while maintaining an individual approach.

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Tech is gradually moving away from the hype

There are fears that in this race there may be a BT Lists loss in the quality of training. I hope that soon we will treat ucation not only as content, but as a way to find our points of growth through the development of new technologies, which will help us unlock our potential.” Vitaly Altukhov, co-founder of the Profilum company, director of development and research: and comes to the person, to solving his practical problems here and now, combin with help in realizing his talents. The fashion for obtaining new specialties (but not competencies) and additional ucation aim at monetization in.

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