The desire of students to enter the labor

In second place is the combin Skyeng group (+ Skysmart, Skypro) with 9.7 billion rubles, in third is Yandex Practicum” with 5.5 billion rubles (all data – Smart Ranking estimate). Of the top 10 companies, the growth leaders were Novakid (+111.3%), Computer Academy TOP (+83.6%) and Yandex Practice (+83.2%). Novakid’s main revenue comes from teaching foreign languages ??in foreign markets. TOP Computer Academy in 2022 continu to expand the hybrid format and strengthen the children’s direction, Yandex Praktikum says that it reli on employment, while in 2022 the demand for this option increas. This refers to the experience of long-term internship programs on real tasks and cases.

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Ilya Kurmyshev CEO Yandex Practicum: “Our flagship areas Japan Phone Number List remain the most popular: programming (chosen by 59% of students) and data analytics (21% of students). Our focus remains on the employment metric. In 2022, it has become more difficult for specialists without a lot of practical experience to look for a job, we see this thanks to our quarterly measurements. Therefore, employment. market as quickly as possible is also not by other market participants. “There is a noticeable trend towards the rapid achievement of ucational results – instead of 8-9 months of study, students tend to spend only 3 months, but give it.

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Their all and as a result, successfully find a job and start earning.”  adds Georgy Babayan . In terms of growth dynamics, the best situation is in the segment BT Lists of children’s ucation, which add almost 30%. Anti-leaders Business ucation remains the anti-leader among the main areas, which shows a slight recovery (+9% compar to the third quarter), but the pace is still far from reaching at least last year’s results. The drop in volumes in 2022 compar to 2021 was 21.5%. However, companies still see good prospects in their niche. Mikhail Ukolov, head of the online ucation platform SOHO GROUP.

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