The cost of conducting exploration work

The geothermal coolant was first suppli to heat buildings, then to greenhouses for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and lemons. Further, at a temperature of 30 º?, geothermal water enter the fish ponds. In the 1990s, all this infrastructure fell into disrepair. The works of the only in Russia Institute of Geothermal Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Makhachkala were not in demand. have reli on hydrocarbons without developing renewable energy sources. High capital costs. Both for the heat pump itself and for drilling wells. The cost of a heat pump is from ?250 thousand. For comparison: an electric boiler costs from.

The state and business

Thousand a gas boiler for a private house – from ?60 thousand Switzerland Phone Numbers List not counting the gas supply to the house (which in some cases takes years, and can be much more expensive than the entire geothermal project). Sometimes the cost of drilling wells for the primary circuit of a heat pump is more than 50% of the cost of the entire project. According to the World Bank, and an initial experimental drilling program for three to five geothermal wells is between $20 million and $30 million. Low system efficiency for traditional radiators.  in the secondary circuit, heat pumps show less efficiency than traditional heating systems.

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If it is necessary to obtain a high temperature

Thus they are better combin with the currently BT Lists popular “warm floor” heating system: where the heat carrier is requir to have a temperature of 45 º?, than with traditional batteries, the system of which requires the heat carrier to be 75 º?. Not effective enough in cold climates. Heat pumps are more efficient (show higher efficiency) in the European winter than in the Russian one – with negative temperatures down to -20 º?, and in some regions even up to -40 º?. In the case of heat pumps, the higher the efficiency, the smaller the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the heat pump.

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