The closest word for congruence is sincerity

Chemists call congruent melting one in which the composition of the resulting liquid coincides with the composition of the original solid. Congruence and empathy Congruence is sometimes confus with empathy. Yes, both words involve understanding feelings and reflecting their understanding in your behavior, but the difference is that empathy involves recognizing the emotions of other people. Notice that a friend is sad and ask him, “How can I help? Tell me what happen,” is an example of empathic behavior. Noticing that you are feeling sad and telling a friend, “Sorry, I won’t go for a walk today, I ne to be alone,” is an example of congruent behavior.

These words are not synonymous

In addition the concept of congruence” is relat to the Hungary Phone Number List concepts of “consciousness” and “authenticity”, although not identical to them. Mindfulness involves tracking and recognizing one’s emotions, reactions, and thoughts, but does not dictate broadcasting them to others. Authenticity is describ as a person’s ability to be himself, abandoning impos social roles, but does not focus on the fact that a person must certainly be aware of his feelings and motivations Yet. It is quite possible to be sincere, but not be perceiv as such from the outside – for example, with insufficient mastery of non-verbal ways of communication. As Carl Rogers wrote, man himself cannot judge his own congruence.

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The creation of a trusting environment

Whether he is congruent or not, his interlocutors decide. Should a successful person be congruent? How important is congruence in everyday life? It manifests itself only in situations of communication, so we will consider its significance for communication and for the BT Lists communicator separately. The Importance of Congruence in Communication Carl Rogers consider congruence to be critical to communication because it allows for  The more consistent the feelings, words and behavior of a person, the more understandable he is, the less he causes.

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