The benefit is obvious In Russia

In turn film studios recognizing that they have libraries of unique content, began to launch their own streaming services, such as Disney. At the end of 2021, Netflix spent about $17 billion on content production and is going to spend the same amount in the following years; Amazon confidently takes second place with a budget of $13 billion, and online cinemas, the content consumption model has chang. If earlier people were in a hurry to watch premieres on the big screen, then gradually the comfort of home viewing chang priorities.

With the development of subscriptions

The coronavirus pandemic has given even more reasons List of US Mobile Phone Numbers to stay home, leading to record spikes in video streaming subscriptions around the world. But in order to keep the user “on the couch”, services ne to continue to give out exclusives and invest in ensuring that premieres appear first on their platforms. Such a policy is bearing fruit – according to the Kantar agency , at the beginning of 2022, 85% of American households had at least one subscription, including a streaming service. And according to Deloitte Digital Mia Trends, the average user pays for four subscriptions at once. Historical cheapness Subscription services in Russia, developing on.

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It was important to offer a comfortable

Whole in the same vein as Western ones, proce from BT Lists other prerequisites. How was the audience of streaming services form in the West? In the pre-streaming era, audiences paid $10 to buy one album or movie on iTunes; now streaming services offer for the same $10 a whole month to listen to any music or watch a movie from a huge catalog. it was about persuading users addict to torrents and pirat videos on social networks to start paying for content. “entry point”, so the prices for almost all Russian services are noticeably lower than in Europe and the USA – even if you look not in absolute numbers.

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