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Where he was award a degree in innovation and international management. The top manager shar the key qualities that Apple is primarily looking for in candidates: the ability to collaborate with colleagues, creativity, curiosity and rich experience in their field of activity. Ability to cooperate First of all, Apple is looking for candidates. We believe that every talent employee is really important to the company, but two strong people who work together can do amazing work, and small teams can do incrible things,” said Tim Cook. Apple’s CEO not that different perspectives help ideas evolve, and it’s the collaboration of employees with different background.

Who can collaborate with colleagues

Therefore we are looking for the ability to cooperate with Costa Rica Phone Number List people in candidates,” he add. Creativity Another key skill that Apple prefers to see in candidates is creativity. “We are looking for people who think differently, who can look at the problem and not get hung up on dogma, on how this problem has always been consider before,” the top manager said. And so the company is looking for someone who will be able to get around the problem, look at it from different angles and use their creativity to find new effective solutions.  of new technology products and services for users.

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The company is looking for people

Curiosity and Curiosity During his keynote, Cook said that BT Lists Apple values ??curiosity as a trait and is looking for candidates with a thirst for new knowlge. “Curiosity is when you’re interest in something and you ask a lot of questions, whether you think they’re smart or stupid,” the Apple CEO said, adding tha  with innate curiosity. “It’s amazing that when someone starts asking questions, as a child would, it makes the person really think deeply about the answers. And so we look for this innate curiosity in people, ”Cook said. Deep expertise Cook mention that the tech company also favors candidates.

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