Some people experience migraines

Compared to the pre-pandemic period. 6. In 15–20% of headache attacks, neurological symptoms precede. The attack may be accompanied by dizziness, vomiting, or sensitivity to sounds. According to ocular migraine statistics, a person can also become sensitive to light. A similar symptom is recorded in 15-20% of patients, develops within 15-20 minutes and lasts less than an hour. 7. Weather provokes migraine in 50% of patients . with changes in air quality and temperature. Headaches may worsen with increasing temperature, humidity or during a thunderstorm, as well as with sudden changes in atmospheric pressure or altitude.

The quality of life improves

Many migraine sufferers are also sensitive to Kuwait Phone Number List seasonal changes and the effects of traveling across time zones. 8. People with migraine spend much more on their health than those who do not have this disease. Migraines require more medication and emergency room visits. As a result, patients with migraine incur 70% higher medical costs than those who do not have this disease. 9. In 60% of patients with migraine, after therapeutic intervention. More than half of migraine patients have improved quality of life compared to two years prior to medical intervention. The study also showed a 56% reduction in headache severity and a 36% reduction in post-traumatic headache frequency. 10. More than half of people with migraines are never diagnosed.

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The prevalence of episodic and chronic

Up to 70% of migraine patients do not receive proper BT Lists treatment. Less than 5% of people with chronic migraine seek medical attention for their disorder. It is assumed that many patients resort to self-help and self-medication. Despitemigraine, most patients do not seek medical help. And when they do, half of them go undiagnosed and untreated. 11. A migraine sufferer needs at least seven hours of regular sleep each day. Most people need at least seven hours of sleep to feel rested the next day. And migraine sufferers should stick to as regular a sleep schedule as possible.

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