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The automaker Skoda has implemented a trainable bot called Lucy based on the conversational AI platform Teneo. The bot helps potential buyers find the right car. Clients simply talk about their needs and give an approximate budget, and the available model range. After the introduction of Lucy, increased by 400%. Voice bots and call handling By 2027, the market for voice robots will reach almost $100 billion . One of the key drivers here is the use in communications between business and customers. The study by MegaFon and ORO states that after connecting a voice robot.

The bot chooses the best option from

The number of attracted customers increases by an Romania Phone Number List average of 22%. More than half of the companies-users on outgoing calls increased their sales by an average of 34%. Therefore, two-thirds of organizations see the future behind such robots and plan to increase their costs. How it works MegaFon uses voice AI, which 99.5% of interlocutors mistake for a person. A for internal tasks. Then, on its basis, they created a product for business – “Voice Robot”. Phrases for the robot are recorded by professional speakers. Each question has several possible answers. To make the replicas as similar as possible to colloquial speech, they even include minor errors.

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At first the technology was used

Scripts for calls are tested in parallel: with a robot BT Lists and live operators. The main users of the product are telemarketing departments, companies with a high flow of support calls or a large customer base. For example, banks, retailers and hotel chains. The service can inform about events, remind you of scheduled appointments and visits, receive calls to the contact center and, of course, sell. Recently, voice robots have become even more actively used. In some countries, waiting times to call customer services have tripled since. Scriptologists analyze conversation records, improve logic and form new scenarios for machine learning.

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