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A dose of 1,000 microsieverts increases a person’s chance of developing cancer by 0.00004%. The maximum hypothetical dose of radiation from waste discharg from nuclear power plants will be 3.9 microsieverts . This is much less than the 2.4 thousand microsieverts that people receive on average from natural radiation every year groups : microparticles arriving from space and elements form during the creation of the Earth, Not everyone agrees with the plan of the Japanese authorities. For example, the South Korean government believes that the discharge of water would pose a serious threat to marine life.

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Fishermen unions in this area of ??Japan also Ghana Phone Number List oppos the dumping. The process, they say, will cause alarm among consumers and frustrate decades of efforts to reassure the public that local seafood is safe to eat. Scientists prict that by the end of the 21st century, of the 7,000 languages ??currently in existence, half will disappear. According to linguists, this process is influenc by the climate crisis. The climate crisis is killing languages Representatives of national minorities were persecut for a long time, because of which, by the 1920s, half of all the languages ??of the indigenous peoples of Australia, the USA, South Africa and Argentina had disappear.

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The main factors influencing this are globalization

Experts believe that the climate crisis is another danger to BT Lists these languages ??and the knowlge and traditions associat with them. Anastasia Riehl, a linguist at Queens University in Kingston, Canada, points out : “Many languages ??are already vulnerable and endanger.  and migration. Moreover, it seems articularly cruel that most of the world’s languages ??are locat in parts of the world that [due to cataclysms associat with the climate crisis] are becoming increasingly inhospitable to people.” “The final nail in the coffin of indigenous languages” Vanuatu is an island nation in the South Pacific. It occupies 12.2 thousand km 2 , for comparison – this is about 27% of the area of.

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