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Proven cases good results have been obtain, and business confidence in technology has matur. As a result, demand has reach the stage at which speech technologies are beginning to be actively implement and us. At the same time, the cost of their implementation is ruc. I think that on the horizon of three to five years, mium and small businesses will take their place as a significant customer. But again, for this, products and services bas on speech technologies must become easy and inexpensive to implement and operate. And, of course, the list of solutions will expand in the future.

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Especially for use in workflows. I think that soon we will Algeria Mobile Number List see voice auto attendants and supervisors, assistants and business avatars. Mass cases will begin to appear with the introduction of meeting minutes, with the division of all participants into remarks and automatic summing up. Research shows that many people cannot reliably distinguish between photographs of real faces and computer generat images. Understanding why this is a problem and what to do about it AI-creat faces us for espionage In the summer of 2019, a LinkIn profile appear in the American mia, on the avatar of which there was a computer-generat photograph.

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Its owner was able to communicate with American officials and other influential people. Experts point out that hackers regularly create fake profiles BT Lists with AI-generat photos to spy on social mia. How AI creates faces A deep neural network is us to create fake faces. with real faces and then, bas on the millions of images receiv, generates new ones that are outwardly indistinguishable from real ones. They are call GAN-faces (from the abbreviation of the machine learning algorithm us – “generative adversarial network”). People Can’t Tell GAN Faces From Real Faces In a new.

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