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Here comes a new Pursuer – the Woodcutter. He rips open the wolf’s belly and frees Little R Riding Hood and Granny. The wolf turns into the Victim. In the finale, the surviving Little R Riding Hood is reveal to be. The Chaser and takes revenge on the wound. Wolf by stuffing his stomach with rocks. How does the Karpman triangle appear in working relationships projects. But this does not mean that work communication is free from emotions, projections, resentment and misunderstanding. According to psychologist and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist Elizaveta Muratova.

Working relationships are built around joint

We cannot come to work with pure functionality and. One Argentina Mobile Number List way or another, we carry our own personality and personal nes there. In the absence of proper control, you can imperceptibly find yourself in a situation with typical signs of a dramatic triangle. Here are some examples: The boss regularly requires his subordinate to stay late at work. The employee suffers from this and thinks about dismissal. He is support by a colleague from the accounting department, who readily listens to his complaints and treats him to tea. The obvious Persecutor here is the boss who oppresses the Victim employee when he cannot get out of an unpleasant situation and finds solace in the Rescuer.

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Perhaps things are not so clear cut. With a kind word BT Lists the colleague encourages the employee to accept the situation as a given, not allowing him to resist the boss. And at the same time is fix in the role of the Savior dissatisfi employee spends too much time complaining and drinking tea. And he continues to “punish” him, forcing him to work longer.  come to work drooping, work without enthusiasm, drink after work and be late in the morning. Colleagues see him as a Victim, sympathize with him and intercept part of his work duties.

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