How to renew your blog in a week

In this case, the information about the purchase and the affiliate link goes to the company or the affiliate network and you get a commission Affiliate marketing = a form of referral marketing. You tell your readers about the company’s products and offer readers the opportunity to buy the product via the affiliate link in the blog post Affiliate product = a company product that you recommend to your own readers and for which you receive a monetary commission if your reader buys the product through your affiliate link Affiliate network = a site where companies can register and offer their own products for others to recommend.

The companies pay the commissions to the

Lorem ipsum dolor sit   content creators and website administrators are publishers.  affiliate networks, from latest database which they are directed to the publishers’ accounts Automation = a process where a tunnel (funnel, pipe) is built into the blog. During the process, the reader progresses through the tunnel towards the purchase event (for example, you write a blog post from which you direct the reader to read another post and from there you direct the reader to an online store or an affiliate product) B Backlink = A term used in search engine optimization for a link that is valuable to its recipient. The more reliable a site or blog links to your blog, the more it improves your blog’s search engine optimization and visibility in Google Blog = website, managed by an individual, company or community. The newest publication (article) is always at the top.

Companies are advertisers and bloggers,

 Can be public, private or restricted. Should include the possibility to comment. Pictures and content can be edited afterwards. You can also update as long as the top or bottom of the page says “Updated xx.xx.2019 | Original post published xx.xx.2018″ Blog platform = website on which the blog is set up and which means that the blog or website BT Lists does not need to be coded separately. The most famous are Blogger,, WordPress . com ,, Blog portal = a site where you can either report your own blog or set up a blog directly on the portal.

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