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One of them is an organic semiconductor that emits bright light when a current is pass through it. The laboratory of low-carbon chemical technologies of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Novosibirsk State University is engag in semiconductors. How Ls are made Emitters are organic semiconductor molecules that emit light in different parts of the color spectrum. To synthesize such a luminescent molecule, Novosibirsk scientists are simultaneously conducting fundamental and practical research. From computer model to L One part of the scientific team is engag in computer simulations to identify potentially suitable compounds.

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The other creates amazing molecules with her own hands Senegal Phone Number List using the “secret magic” of fine organic synthesis. A third of the employees, using modern devices, determines their structural, optical and semiconductor properties, and also checks how they can be us in practice. Finally, the fourth group of scientists bas on organic compounds makes devices: for example, transistors (OFET) and organic light emitting diodes (OL) without heavy metals in the composition and with a luminous efficiency of 100%. As a result, out of hundrs of initially model compounds, only a few become emitters. The Novosibirsk laboratory produces Ls of the third generation. They have a glow efficiency of 100% (unlike the first generation.

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Where the glow efficiency reaches barely 25%) and do BT Lists not contain heavy metals (unlike the second generation. The main elements in the structure of semiconductors in such a diode are sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, that is, exclusively organic compounds, has a number of advantages: Cheapness . Iridium and other useful heavy metals are min mainly abroad. In addition, the world’s reserves of these metals are not large enough for widespread, large-scale use of organic light emitting diodes. And sulfur, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen can be obtain literally from natural sources, available.

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