Do you remember what the taxi market

We as a platform, not an explosive growth in demand for various “holiday” services after the removal of quarantine restrictions. They are follow by domestic staff – for example, cleaning services. In fourth place is Beauty and Health, which is 45% of online service orders and 25% of the total cost of online orders. — How fast is this market digitizing? – Very fast. If we talk about users, today two-thirds (72%) of the Russian Internet audience are already looking for services online. In just a year, the increase in those who began to order more services online amount to.

The development of online platforms

The main drivers of this growth were the pandemic (39%) and the desire to Japan Phone Number List save time on finding a contractor – this reason was nam among the main ones by 37% of customers. Digitization happens simply because it gives customers add value. Was like 10-15 years ago? You hold out your hand, and it is not known which car will arrive and whether it will arrive at all, what the price of the trip will be. And now you press two buttons and know exactly all the details of the route and even the driver’s rating. At the same time, Also allows specialists to develop their business, find new clients and manage their time most effectively.

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The service sector is still one

On Avito the number of offers from specialists over the BT Lists past year has grown by 21% – for some, the platform makes it possible to find clients in order to usefully spend a couple of hours free from the road to the office, and for others it allow them to save a source of income and even grow their own business.  of the “cheapest” in terms of the entry threshold. We in Russia already receive an incribly large number of services online – banks with convenient applications, online insurance.

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