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These changes into our estimates.” RBC Trends ask the Ministry of Digital Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development and ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika to assess the economic damage from blocking social networks, but at the time of publication of the material they did not receive estimates. According to Miascope, in 2022, 71% of of 12 visit social networks daily. YouTube became the most popular platform among the Russian audience . From January to October 2022, of the total number of social mia users, by 4%, from 33% to 37%. The second most popular platform is Vkontakte.

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Its audience grew by 2%, from 18% to 20%. Most of all – by 10% – from 5% to 15%, the share of the Telegram audience increas. Some other popular social South Africa Phone Number List networking sites have seen their audiences shrink: Egor Krivosheya: “The Top10VPN rating may be quite valid, since Russia is a specific market. This is one of the regional leaders with its own language, cultural characteristics and, as a result, other consumer habits. Moreover, Russia has long-term blocking. Compar to temporary blockages and shutdowns, this can lead to greater economic losses. The overflow of the audience has occurr, and Russian social networks are leading here: VK projects, less niche projects.

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Also the audience has switch to instant messengers BT Lists for example, Telegram, but these platforms do not always have social mechanics and recommendations of the same level of elaboration as social networks, and monetization tools (for example, advertising) have appear relatively recently. Since network effects and the number of users are important in social networks, the losses can be more long-term, but the presence of large local players definitely ruces these losses. What is parosmia and  perception of smells – one of the most characteristic symptoms of coronavirus, which often persists after recovery. The word “parosmia” itself comes from the Greek words.

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