At the same time the process of musical

Ten different instruments in order to advance the way he wants,” says Nadezhda Boychevsky, CEO and head of A&R ONErpm Russia, Moscow Music School teacher, music expert and producer. – At the same time, of course, he had to become smarter in order to delve into the processes of monetizing his content, to understand the legal field. In a way, streaming has forc the artist to work much harder.” The musicians had to deal with creativity much more intensely. A successful career as a musician in the early 2000s was associat with big mia,” notes Gleb Lisichkin, marketing director at the American company ONERPM.

This is the essence of the attention economy

He either fell into the wake of the big mia, or he had to flounder his entire career in the underground. Now that the mia has lost its grip, in order to become a Indian Phone Number List successful artist, you can no longer work on an album for several years or write one hit. It is important to release content regularly – constantly remind the audience of yourself, return them to listening to previously releas music. This is the novelty of the streaming economy, – and all musicians should accept these rules. Neither the producer nor the musician himself had to think about what would happen to the disc or record as soon as they were shipp to the shops.

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The consumer here listens to individual

Today they have to go much deeper into the tastes BT Lists and preferences of their audience. The logic here is simple: the deeper and more accurately it was possible to reconstruct the portrait of the consumer, the more “streams” the musician will receive. creativity” itself has also chang. The album format does not fit well with streaming mechanisms.  songs more often, but only the most avid fan is able to decide on the whole album at once. At the same time, the average length of a track decreas from 4 minutes.

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