AI the robot makes many tasks faster

Is it really that simple? Let’s figure it out together with experts whether you should be afraid that artificial intelligence will take away your job, or vice versa – rejoice that you will have a smart and hard-working assistant. What professions have chang but have not disappear Artificial intelligence is a system that has thinking similar to a human. In some cases, she can work and react like humans. The concept of AI is by no means modern: officially, this branch of science appear in 1956 – at a summer seminar in Hanover, USA, organiz by four American scientists.

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John McCarthy Marvin Minsky, Nathaniel Rochester Switzerland Phone Numbers List and Claude Shannon. Decades have pass, technology has made a huge leap, but so far no robot uprising has happen. It would seem that we can no longer be afraid that artificial intelligence will take away our jobs. However, one cannot but admit that it is beneficial for employees. In addition, neural networks learn faster than humans. Let’s first look at the professions that have been most affect by artificial intelligence: call center operator; translator; corrector; Graphic Designer; content itor doctor.

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The fact is that the robot does not take into

It should be not that while AI acts only as an assistant. For example, he can generate texts and illustrations for the content itor, but they do not BT Lists always correspond to the request, he can give the doctor a brief analysis of the disease and even carry out diagnostics , but he cannot completely replace the specialist. account individual characteristics – everything it does is very average and requires verification. In addition, a person plays a crucial role in the existence of AI – he creates, trains and controls it. If we talk about areas, then AI is most actively implement in robotics, mechanical engineering, industry, economics, programming, micine.

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